Welcome at Rappcon Engineering

Welcome to the internet presence of RapPCon, your address for quick support, ideas and solutions while developing and assisting engineering projects. We are specialized for the development and support of embedded systems ASICs, FPGAs and individual software solutions in C, C++, Assembler and Python. Additionally we are providing support and training in various areas of project management, such as requirements engineering or Agile Project development.

rappcon consulting

Consulting Services

Among other items, help and information is provided in the following areas:

  • embedded system development, design and project support
  • system analysis and case studies
  • chip-, FPGA- and IP-design
  • reverse engineering of IP and designs
  • test support and technologies
  • IC development flows and environments
  • knowledge base technologies and international team building
  • individual tool development
  • individual software developmentin C, C+ and Python
  • analysis, support and courses in project management techniques and and methods

Our offering spans from consulting services, freelancing and support work. Information and help is offered to hardware and software engineers as well as to all levels of engineering, product and program mangers. Angagement may be long- or short-term, on site or remote.


project problem

Engineering project and program management, more specifically the design of systems, including chip-, ASIC-, FPGA- and software-systems has become increasingly complex. This is a result of many factors: technology, design complexity and time-to-market being only some of them. While the above items are product specific factors, most of them are driven by the product specification or directly by the customer. On the other hand, there may also be internal factors, e.g. the chosen architecture, design styles, flow or resource capacities.


system design

While developing a product, the whole life cycle should be considered when making decisions around the product. This includes items such as: features, IP selection, architecture, development flows, tools. While a complete project life cycle management process is in most cases not necessary (and not desired), PLM concepts, tools and flows do very well apply to small and midrange programs and will help the overall project performance.


consulting solutions

We are offering direct development support to speed up projects under pressure as well as concepts and tools to enhance system and chip design flows.

While in most cases point support will immediately help the program and milestones at risk, it is our philosophy to also offer help which will improve the projects eco-system as this will be your basis for sustained successes.


system consulting

To provide tailored support and solutions, our work can be characterized with:

analytic - strategic - creative
The starting point of our work is a systematic analysis of your situation and your requirements. Strategic solutions will help you gaining advantages over your competitors - if necessary with creative solutions or unconventional ways.